Thank you for taking good care of one of our new employees, Jalen Dennis, at the Heat Treat Bootcamp. 
He said he really enjoyed it and learned a lot. As soon as he returned, he said he’d like to take part in more training. It’s encouraging that his time at Heat Treat Bootcamp inspired him to pursue more knowledge to further his career
Deidra Minerd

President, The Euclid Heat Treating Company

Wingens Consultants provide heat treat and metallurgical classes. ​

These include the Heat Treat Today BootCamp and a course in Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Post Processing for Optimized Properties and Performance at the headquarter of ASM International. ​

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Training ASM International

Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Post Processing for Optimized Properties and Performance, August 26-28, 2024​

Dates: Aug 26, 2024​ – Aug 28, 2024​
Venue: ASM International World Headquarters – Materials Park​
Location: Novelty, OH, 44073, United States​
Instructor: Mr. Chad Beamer, Dr. Virginia Osterman, Mr. Thomas Wingens, and Dr. Andrzej Wojcieszynski​

This course delivers a thorough exploration of Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Thermal Processing, encompassing historical progression, AM processes, classifications, and applications. It addresses the topics of powder manufacturing, handling, and characterization, printing processes and testing of printed parts, standardization and qualification processes, safety protocols, and provides a detailed examination of post-print processes, including Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) and heat treatment, equipment, testing standards, applications, and recent advancements.​

Classroom​: $2,200.00​
Member Price: $2,000.00​

Training Heat Treat Bootcamp​


Who are the major suppliers in the North American heat treat market?​
Find out who supplies air & atmosphere furnaces, vacuum furnaces, salt bath furnaces, fluidized bed furnaces, induction heating equipment, burners & combustion systems, heating elements, controls, instrumentation including thermocouples, atmospheres & industrial gasses, quenching fluids & systems, insulation/refractories & ceramics, cooling systems, alloys & fabrications, castings, hot zone, vacuum pumps/valves/gauges, induction coils & power supplies/transformers, materials characterization & testing equipment.​


What are the products sold by the Players?​
What are the most popular heat treating processes and why are they performed? There’s no heavy metallurgy, but enough to understand the why and how of each processes​


What are the major end-user markets and companies that utilize heat treating and why? Markets like aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, general mfg, and many, many more.​


What type of materials are being heat treated and why? Learn about:​

  • Iron​
  • Different types of steels including low-carbon & high-carbon steels, low-alloy & high-alloy steels, tool steels and specialty steels​
  • The various types/grades of aluminum and how they differ​
  • Titanium​
  • Other metals like copper, brass, nickel, zinc, tungsten, etc.​

Future Trends​

What type of materials are being heat treated and why? Learn how heating treating impacts:​

  • 3D printing/additive manufacturing​
  • Hot isostatic pressing​
  • Hydrogen combustion​
  • Electrification of heat treating equipment​
  • Sustainable heat treat technolog​y