Materials Consulting

At WINGENS CONSULTANCY, we understand that detailed knowledge of your materials is crucial to your production process and can be very challenging without significant metallurgical expertise. This is why we offer comprehensive metallurgy consulting services. Our team of experienced metallurgists brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide a range of services that can significantly impact your operations and bottom line.​

Failure Analysis Consultation

​A standout feature of our metallurgy consulting services is failure analysis. When a component fails unexpectedly, it can result in costly downtime, safety hazards, and reputational damage. Our metallurgists specialize in investigating such failures by examining the failed parts and identifying the root cause. By uncovering the underlying issues, we enable you to take corrective actions, refine designs, or adjust manufacturing processes to prevent future failures and improve overall reliability.​

Metallurgy Tests and Services

We pride ourselves on our commitment to research and development. By engaging our metallurgy consulting services, you gain access to our research-driven expertise and cutting-edge insights. Whether you’re exploring new challenges, seeking innovative solutions, or optimizing existing processes, our team collaborates with you to provide guidance, suggest new approaches, and help you achieve your R&D goals.​