Business Development

At WINGENS CONSULTANTS, we excel in providing expert advice in materials and thermal processes, ensuring our clients stay ahead in their respective industries. Our comprehensive services are designed to support companies through every phase of their market entry and expansion strategies. Whether you are looking to penetrate new markets or expand your footprint, we offer tailored solutions that align with your business objectives.​

Proven Track Record​

Over the past 12 years, we have successfully supported over a dozen companies in entering the North American heat treat market. Our proven track record speaks to our expertise and commitment to helping clients achieve their market entry goals. Additionally, we are very well connected with all stakeholders in the heat treat industry, leveraging these relationships to benefit our clients.​

Comprehensive Services​

Our consultancy services cover a wide range of critical areas, including:​

  • Technological infrastructure​
  • Competitive positioning​
  • Strategic market segmentation​

​We understand that a successful market entry requires a deep understanding of the local market dynamics, and our team of experts is equipped with the knowledge and tools to help you navigate these complexities.​

Strategic Collaborations​

We also specialize in the identification and evaluation of potential business partners, ensuring that your collaborations are both strategic and fruitful. Our approach is thorough, incorporating due diligence to mitigate risks and maximize returns on your investments.​

Expertise in Materials and Thermal Processes

In the materials and thermal processes sectors, we offer guidance and support to enhance operational efficiency and drive innovation. Our goal is to provide you with the expertise needed to achieve sustainable growth and a competitive edge in your industry.​

Contact Us​

For tailored solutions and expert consultancy services, contact Wingens Consultants. Let us help you navigate the complexities of market entry and expansion, ensuring your success in the competitive landscape of the heat treat industry.​

NaFTA Market Strategy

The strategy to enter the NAFTA market should be based on 5 main areas​:

  1. Brand: Establish a strong and recognizable brand presence in the NAFTA region. ​
  2. Marketing Strategy: Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to the NAFTA market. ​
  3. Service: Ensure exceptional service delivery to meet and exceed customer expectations. ​
  4. Global Reach: Leverage global expertise and networks to optimize market entry and expansion efforts. ​
  5. Financial Planning: Implement robust financial planning and management to support sustainable growth. ​

By focusing on these key areas, WINGENS CONSULTANTS can help you successfully navigate and thrive in the NAFTA market. ​